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African Safari


A sad but true generalization is that animals are in decline where humans live.

For years species' populations dwindle due to massive poaching. Elephant tusks, rhino horns, predators' skins - body parts of many animals considered to have medicinal or ornamental value have all been harvested for profit.

But the 'industry' of wildlife tourism brings about a positive change.

With the realization that tourists will happily pay to see wildlife in their natural habitats, and the understanding that animals are worth more alive, providing repeated revenue, rather than a one-time profit, people began to defend their land and animal resources.

Safari tourism positively impacts protection and conservation, saves species, and provides income in areas where other opportunities are scarce. Animals that were once considered at risk of extinction are now growing in numbers.

Hanging by a Thread - Tamar Assaf 9880PS
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