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American Bison

Large herds of bison once roamed the grasslands of North America.

For generations, Native Americans hunted bison for their survival, using almost every part of the animal - extracting meat for food, leather for covering, tendon for bows, dung for fire, and hooves for glue.

Bison population was booming.

In the 19th century, as Europeans settled North America, Bison hunting turned extensive. Entire herds were slaughtered for trade and trophy hunting.

Bison were driven to near extinction.

While bison population dwindled, an opposite movement for Bison preservation began. Today, national and state parks in the U.S. and Canada are partners in the preservation efforts.

​​In addition, bison meat and milk products are considered a healthier choice to beef, and bison are grown commercially to supply consumers' demand.

​Bison population in North America is on the rise again.

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