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Hanging by a Thread - Tamar Assaf 9880PS

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Next to the place I now call home there is a park with an artificial pond
I have noticed that the ducks in the pond are there year-round
Aren’t ducks a migrating breed?
I looked it up

It is a phenomenon all around the Bay Area
The ducks have set up permanent residence
They no longer migrate
The ducks are not afraid

They approach the visitors for food
I see similarities between duck and person
People too have set up permanent residence here
They no longer migrate

Life in the bay area is plentiful
Job opportunities provide the needs of our families
The bay area is now the pond we feed on
We call it home
We abandon old traditions and adopt new ways
Like the newly-hatched ducklings, our children are born into this new reality
Our new home is their origin
Visiting the bay area’s parks, looking at the ducks living off the artificial ponds
I reflect on people’s lives in the big feeding pond called the bay area

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