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Hanging by a Thread - Tamar Assaf 9880PS

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Conscious of human activity that pushes species to endangerment, opposite influences on synanthropic (from Greek: syn: "together with" + anthro: "man") species are often disregarded. Ecologically associated with humans, these animals live near, benefit from, and are actually adapting to living off of human habitats.

Many of these species are animals that humans try to get rid of, like pigeons, rodents and lice. These species are flourishing with the expansion of human habitats. By developing resistance to human efforts of restricting them, they become immune, grow resilient and actually thrive.

Crows are an example of such synanthropic birds. Wherever there are people living, whether in sparse rural areas or in crowded cities, crows are always nearby.

Crows are remarkably intelligent, they are known to manufacture and use tools in their search for food. They learned to utilize human environment to their benefit - using bread crumbs as fishing bait, and dropping nuts into heavy traffic for cars to crush and expose their inner core.

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